Thursday, October 7, 2010


Conrad McNish a/k/a Junior Demus was born in St. Mary, Jamaica, West Indies. Junior Demus is known for his gruff, gravel-voiced chants and jokes that he can give at the drop of a hat. He is also known to draw an audience in.

Junior is a legend in his place of birth Jamaica, a fixture in Brooklyn, New York and its dancehall scene. He is also a very warm and friendly individual. One of his favorite quotes/jokes whenever he meets up with people "stress can kill you, you can't hold it in or it will give you cancer, let it out" then laughs and walk away.

"When Me Come" released in 1991 was Demus' first single. 1994, Luke Records released Demus' debut full-length album, Bad Fowl. Some of the tracks from this album are "Come Quick," "Son of a Gun," and "Hold Me Down." He has also recorded a number of other singles, including "One Master," "Good Over Evil," and the popular number "Cabin Stabbin," which he completed with Super Cat and the late Nicodemus. They also worked together on the album The Good, the Bad, the Ugly, and the Crazy for Sony Music in 1994.

Some of his other known songs are:
"Boy ah boy and man ah man"
"No man no rough no man no tough"
"Ruff neck chicken"
"Shot mek u riddle" (this was in the Dancehall Queen movie)
"Johnny Bop"

Demus has lent his talents on several dancehall and reggae compilation albums filled with hard hip-hop tunes by artists like the Frisco Kid, Wicka Man, Foxy Brown, Rob Symeonn, Sugar Minott, Sluggy Ranks, and many other artists.

Happy Birthday, Junior Demus.

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